Welcome to Akiro. Akiro is a pub sub platform which specializes in device communications, providing bidirectional messaging with the device clients. Akiro supports a wide variety of device communication protocols, like MQTT, MQTT over websockets, Websockets, TCP, OCPP, DLMS, HTTP(s). This gives the flexibility to the business teams to offload the complexity of taking care of different protocol implementations, device data ingestion and scale.

Now that you have logged-in to the application, you can follow the below simple steps to get started.Akiro with its Petabyte scale time series and diagnostics analytics, helps the platforms to react to realtime events and anomalies immediately.

Add Device Credentials

Akiro Characteristics

There are some notable characteristics with Akiro, that covers the challenges on scale and reliability:

  • Highly scalable pub sub & real time messaging
  • Reliable delivery modes (Fire and forget, Guaranteed delivery, Exactly once delivery)
  • Variety of messaging
  • Multiprotocol support
  • Sub-second latencies
  • Message recall
  • Rule based actions
  • Realtime callbacks on events
  • Cloud agnostic

This page guides you through the product , for various use cases on how to create a specific application and how to use the fullest functionality of Akiro with that application.

We at Akiro provide support for Multi-Tenancy, Quota Management and API key based access to the resources so that authenticated Users can access the resources of applications externally with the API Key.